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What is AxeCC.com?

AxeCC.com is a safe website that helps you check the safety of any URL. Simply enter the URL into the search box and click “Check Safety.” AxeCC.com will then scan the URL for any malicious content or threats and provide a detailed report on the safety of the site.

Is AxeCC.com safe to use?

Yes, AxeCC.com is safe to use. The website is secure and encrypted, so your personal information is protected. Additionally, AxeCC.com uses a third-party service to verify and approve all transactions, so you can be sure that your money is going to the right place.

What features does AxeCC.com have?

AxeCC.com has a variety of features that make it a useful tool for checking the safety of URLs. It can scan URLs for malware, phishing, and other threats, as well as check the SSL/TLS certificate of the site to ensure that it is valid and up to date. Additionally, AxeCC.com provides users with the ability to create custom lists of safe or unsafe URLs, which can be shared with others.

How does AxeCC.com compare to other URL checkers?

If you’re looking for a url checker, AxeCC.com is a great option. Here’s how it compares to some other popular options:

-AxeCC.com is free to use, while some other url checkers charge a subscription fee.

-AxeCC.com offers a more comprehensive checking service than some other url checkers. It not only checks for malicious content, but also assesses the overall safety of a website.

-AxeCC.com is easy to use and provides clear, concise results. Some other url checkers can be difficult to interpret, or provide overwhelming amounts of information.


Overall, we believe that AxeCC.com is a safe website to use. However, we would recommend using caution when providing any personal information on the site. We also advise against clicking on any links within emails from AxeCC.com, as these could be phishing attempts.

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